All About Your Home

What is eDesign?

eDesign is a modern and ever-growing version of interior design. It accomplishes the same purpose as traditional interior design, but in a much more convenient and affordable way – all in the virtual realm. eDesigners design and curate your space by never even stepping foot in your home. They use information from their clients, including pictures and videos from the space being worked on, to create a unique and personalized design for your space.

Why should I work with an eDesigner as opposed to a traditional interior designer?

One of my favorite parts about eDesign is the opportunity for clients to be even more hands-on during the design process. I believe that this gives my clients such a great chance to try their own hand at design and learn alongside of me as I walk them through the design of their space. So while it might seem like you’re giving up a piece of the process when you opt for an eDesigner instead of a traditional interior designer, I would argue that you’re actually gaining your own design knowledge and experience!

Another benefit of eDesign is that I am able to take on clients anywhere in the world! I am not limited to folks that live within a certain distance from me, which I love - it provides such a cool opportunity to work with people and spaces from all over. Yet another huge benefit to eDesign is the cost compared to traditional interior designers. Essentially, the extra cost associated with all the busy work required from a traditional interior designer is cut out.

Which rooms do you provide design for?

We provide design for any type of room - living room, bathroom, office, kitchen, bedroom, etc.! We love switching it up, and genuinely enjoy designing every kind of space. Whatever design needs you have, we can fulfill them!

How Can We Make Your House A Home?